A St. Paul Passing – My Grandfather

My grandfather recently passed away, and I was tasked with securing A proper funeral home for his service. My mother could not handle the thought of organizing A funeral service for her dad. I admit that it was not easy for me either, but when I searched for A funeral home in St. Paul Minnesota, I made sure to go with the company that looked the best.

I, of course, did my research, and narrow the list to three companies in the metro area. But one company stood out from all the rest with their professional commercial and their multiple listings on the first page of Google. Now, I have searched for businesses on Google before but I have never seen one company that had multiple spots on page 1. to me that set them apart as a company who would go the extra mile for their client.

Not having been familiar with funeral services before, I was not aware that preplanning had become such a big thing. Apparently, families are now more likely to preplan their funeral as opposed to creating a funeral in a reactionary situation. This strikes me as interesting because we Americans generally choose to ignore death. I for one was happy that my grandfather was no longer suffering. His health has been in a declining state for years, and we lost my grandmother over a decade ago to cancer. Since her death, my grandfather stumbled along through family events and get-togethers such as birthdays weddings and holidays. But he never quite seemed himself since my grandmother passed. So in the last 12 months we saw him move into a home, sell his home of many years, and he became very immobile.

Growing up my grandfather was a man’s man, but also very caring with a good sense of humor. He was the one who taught me how to whittle with a pocket knife, and used to play brain teasers with me while walking the shore of Lake Superior. While it has been hard to see his health decline, I am surprised that he has made it as long as he has without my grandmother. Most couples often go one after the other, but he is managed to stick around this long. It is not that I won’t miss my grandfather, I will, but I else I don’t think it’s my right or decision to keep him around here longer than he wants to be. I feel like we in America are so afraid of death that we don’t consider the possibility that certain groups of people may, in fact, wish to pass on. We fight this concept and we chastise others and in some cases even make it illegal to take one’s life before nature takes its course. But as I watch my grandfather’s state deteriorate over the last year, I see now that he no longer enjoyed a quality of life that is worth sticking around for.

Luckily I made the right choice when choosing a funeral service director and home to handle my grandfather services and burial. We had a wonderful event that honored him and his life and enabled my family to say their goodbyes and pay their last respects. Looking back it would have been nice to have had the option to preplan, and I think it is an option that I will consider for my wife and myself. I would say that I lucked out and picking the funeral service and home, however, my instincts in picking the company that showed up many times on page one of Google or obviously correct.

If you would like to take a look at their commercial for the St. Paul funeral home that I chose, I have embedded it below.